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portable inverter generator rental akron ohio
Recreational Backup Generators

The A-iPower SUA2000i provides clean, quiet 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 watts of running power. Powered by 79cc A-iPower engine, the generator is ideal for outdoor events such as concerts, camping trips, tailgating parties, racetracks, RVs, and many other applications.

At only 46 lbs., you can take portable power wherever you go. At 65 dBA, you are assured quiet operation.

With Inverter technology, you are using clean power, meaning it’s safe for electronics such as televisions, tablets, laptops, and other power sensitive equipment. The inverter module converts the raw power from DC to AC output. The engine speed varies depending on electrical demand, which also significantly reduces noise.

Portable 5kW Generator Rental Akron Ohio
Portable Backup Generators 5-7kW

The A-iPower SUA5000/SUA7000 provides 5,000/7000 watts of starting power and 4,250/6000 watts of running power.

The A-iPower 223cc/7.5hp-389cc/13hp OHV engine provides the necessary power without sacrificing fuel efficiency or reliability. Its overhead valves help deliver consistent power time after time. Cast iron sleeves provide durability and extend run life. The dual element air filter protects the engine while allowing extended service intervals. The low oil alert shuts down the engine automatically to protect it from potential damage. Its oversize recoil cover allows for maximum air flow for improved ventilation and cooling.

Combine with an efficient, high-output alternator designed and manufactured by Senci to deliver greater peak wattage when starting motor-driven tools and appliances. Its compact design and light weight allows for versatility and mobility.

The A-iPower generator can power up lights, TV, refrigerator, pump, and fan all at the same time, or work for your motor-driven power tools, which require greater surge watts.

Portable 15kW Generator Rental Akron Ohio
Professional Backup Generators 12-15kW

The A-iPower Energy Cube SUA15000EC provides 15,000 watts of starting power and 12,000 watts of running power. It’s ideal for commercial use or as backup power for your home during emergencies.

The generator is powered by a 680cc/24hp twin-cylinder engine, which provides unbeatable performance that commercial businesses rely on. With easy electric start, this generator is engineered with commercial business and home power backup in mind. Geared for performance, this generator is combined with an efficient high output maintenance-free brushless alternator, which delivers maximums starting power.

The generator features Pure Sine Wave Technology with less than 5 percent THD (total harmonic distortion). This technology can power sensitive electronics like HDTVs, tablets, and laptops safely. For your convenience, this unit has a DC adapter plug for battery charging or use with USB adapter.

Towable Backup Generators 60-150kW

60-150kW towable generators for serious power needs. Units may be picked up or we will deliver to the site. We also offer setup services. Please contact us at (866) 444-3031 for availability.